Increase Patient Engagement with HIPAA Compliant Texting and Emails

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"A private practice reported that it had experienced a 65% growth in patient engagement."
"An ENT practice reported that its patients felt extremely satisfied that they could reach their practices all-time through texting."
"A urology practice reported that it saw a 55% improvement in their staff's productivity."

Convenient for Patients

Nearly 5 billion people have their mobile phones and spend more than 5 hours on them. Your patients may find that it's super easy to access information on mobile phones.

You can also experience more success by contacting them via text or emails than by phone calls.

Increase Patient Engagement

Smartphone users use their devices an estimated 2617 times per day, which includes everything.

HIPAA compliant texting can help medical practices to increase patient engagement easily without performing the time-consuming phone calls that go usually to voicemail.

Increased Outcomes

A study indicated that HIPAA-compliant automated texting can improve management and outcomes. Use HIPAA-compliant texting to improve patient outcomes that help you to increase your patient engagement.

Increase Your Staff's Productivity

Automated HIPAA-compliant texting saves a lot of time that could increase your staff's productivity. No more manual follow-up calls to remind your patients.

Reach More Patients Instantly

Bulk SMS can help you to reach multiple patients at the same time. Inform your patients about any important updates instantly that save you a lot of time and human efforts.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

"GrowPractice has helped us achieve our goals in making information for our patients readily and easily accessible and has helped us grow our practice as well. Patients are now able to receive text information about their appointments, fill out their paperwork, send us questions, etc right from their phone at any day or time. We are able to have everything ready for our patients when they come in, which decreases their waiting time and in return, they have never been happier."

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Boost up your patient engagement with automated texting

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