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"A private practice increased it's staff's productivity by 40% with online forms."
"A medical practice reported that 60% of their customers felt online forms are easy and effective to use."
"A private practice increased its number of appointments from 20 to 28 per day."

Why Do You Need Paperless Patient Intake Forms For Your Practice?

Go Paperless

Every year, the average American uses an astounding 700 pounds of paper products per person, and much of it is wasted. It's been estimated that 45% of paper printed in offices ends up trashed by the end of the day and that companies spend more than $120 billion a year on printed forms.

Handling paper forms is not an easy task and costs a lot. Using paperless intake forms will solve all the unnecessary headaches.

Use Anywhere Anytime Any device

51% of the patients prefer a doctor who lets them fill in paperwork online. Let your patients complete their registration process anywhere anytime and on any device.

Offer the comfort zone to your patients by completing their intake process online beyond business hours.

Eliminate Waiting Room

Long waiting hours are the top concern that every medical practice is struggling to eliminate as much as possible. About 40 percent said they would be willing to see another physician if it meant a shorter waiting time.

About 20 percent would be willing to pay an extra fee for quicker service.

Complete all your intake processes online and let your patients step in exactly at their appointment time.

Improve Patient Experience

81 percent of consumers are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience. Positive patient experience is the key factor in retaining the patients and also helps you to get new patients through referrals.

Upgrade your patient journey and streamline your patient experience by using GrowPractice technology.

Save Time and Money

The average ratio of staff handling paperwork to doctors can be as high as 4.23 FTE. Paperless patient intake forms help you and your staff to save more time. This helps you to increase your medical office productivity.

Also, cut down the unnecessary cost for printing, shredding, papers, and inks. Online intake forms are easily accessible and efficient to use.

Improve Accuracy

About 80% of all serious medical errors involve lack of communication during care transitions.

Let your patients fill in their forms online, so there is no chance for errors. You and your patients can manage patient information and its privacy easily.

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"My clients have expressed how easy it was to access the forms via phone and how professional the process was for them, which really is what matters most to me. Thank you, GrowPractice!"

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