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"A private practice saw a 50% increase in appointment booking within 3 months"
"ENT practice said that 57% of its patients prefer to book doctor appointments from the website without having to call the office."
"A family practice reported that with online appointments, about 44% of new patients were able to make an appointment outside of business hours."

Why Do You Need Smart Appointment Scheduler For Your Practice?

Eliminate Patient No-shows

On average, no-shows cost a single-physician medical practice $150,000 annually. Online appointment booking helps you to eliminate patient no-shows.

Let your patients reschedule or cancel their appointments. Saves you more time and eliminates wasted staff efforts.

Manage your Schedule Efficiently.

$150B Annual cost of missed appointments only in the U.S., helps you to organize appointments efficiently. So you won't waste your precious time on the patient's no-shows.

Eliminate the multiple appointment bookings at the same time. Avoids the last-minute tensions and burden.

24/7 Appointment Booking - Anywhere, Anytime

It takes an average of 24 days to schedule a new patient appointment in 15 of the largest cities in the U.S.,

Let your patients book their appointments online 24/7 anywhere anytime on any device.

Convenient for Patients

More than one-third of appointments are scheduled outside of business hours.

Get 50% more appointments beyond usual working hours. Gain more new patients to double your medical practice revenue.

Reduce the Administrative Tasks

A survey says that 32.6 percent of practices spend more than 10 hours a week on emails or phone calls.

It helps you to reduce your staff's work burden so that your staff can increase their productivity.

Recheck your Patient Appointments

Send SMS/Email reminders to your patients about their appointments. So, they won't miss their appointments.

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