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Patient Experience article

Importance of Patient Experience & How to Improve It

A study shows that almost 20% of patients change doctors due to long waiting hours.

Patient Retention article

How to Increase Patient Retention for Your Practice?

With fierce competition for your practice, let's discuss 6 ways to increase patient retention for your practice

Practice Growth article

Proven Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Practice

Deep dive into 7 effective strategies you can execute to get more patients for your private practice

Office Management checklist for starting a new medical practice

Checklist for Starting A New Medical Practice

Medical practice is a place where one or more physicians sit and practice medicine.The name "medical pactice" comes from the term "practice"

Practice Growth avoid patient no shows

How to Avoid Patient No-Shows in Your Practice?

Practices, clinics, and hospitals form the center of activity of the healthcare industry.

Office Management article

The Top 10 Practice Management Challenges in 2022

Doctors practice at hospitals, clinics, and in a wide range of other healthcare establishments

Office Management checklist for starting a new medical practice

How Does the Practice Management Software Help Practice Managers & Administrators To Improve the Patient Experience?

The healthcare industry is definitely a huge industry,, if not the largest of industries across the world. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Patient Retention avoid patient no shows.jpg

Ways to Measure Patient Satisfaction

Though the sight of the doctors, nurses, receptionists, and other healthcare workers are some of the most prominent sights in any healthcare unit or practice , it is always

Appointments article

Why You Need An Online Patient Appointment Scheduler At Your Office?

The healthcare industry revolves around the patient it sees. It is the care that is provided for the patients, which is the ultimate motto of the healthcare

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