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Patient Reviews how-to-create-positive-results-from-a-negative-online-review

How to Create Positive Results from a Negative Online Review?

We are living in the golden age of business, where businesses and companies abound. Whether it is the IT or the healthcare industry,

Office Management key-differences-between-EMR-and-EHR

Key differences between EMR and EHR

The health industry is one of the oldest surviving industries, and one of the most crucial industries that we have today, if not the most important sector. Our health, both physical and mental, is an asset to all of us, and it is to preserve our mental and

Patient Experience why-you-need-to-offer-24-7-patient-access

Why You Need To Offer 24/7 Patient Access?

The digital age is a testament to all of the conveniences that we are witnessing today.Yes, with the onset of digital technologies or what we often refer to as 'digitalization',the industries, almost all of them, started revolutionizing in one way or

Patient Experience how-patient-appointment-scheduler-increases-your-customer-satisfaction-rate

How Patient Appointment Scheduler Increases Your Customer Satisfaction Rate?

Patients are forever in need of quality healthcare services, which only some healthcare units and practices are able to provide.

Practice Growth how-patient-appointment-scheduler-increases-your-customer-satisfaction-rate

Tips to improve collections and cash flow at your medical practice

The medical industry is one of the most crucial of all the surviving industries today because it is

Patient Retention why-do-patients-leave-your-medical-practice

Why do patients leave your medical practice

Patients are always an important part of not only a practice but the healthcare industry in general,

Patient Experience ways-to-use-social-platforms-for-patient-service

Ways to use social platforms for patient service

We are the most social on our social media platforms. Yes, living in the age of Facebook, Twitter,

Healhcare Trends top-10-global-healthcare-trends-to-watch-in-2022

Top 10 global healthcare trends to watch in 2022

The medical industry is one of the most crucial of all the surviving industries today because it is

Appointment factors-to-track-for-practice-productivity

Factors to track for practice productivity

Whatever the work may be, as long as there's work, productivity can be measured and improved. The

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