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Patient Appointments best-approaches-to-handle-the-patient-appointment-cancellations

Best Approaches To Handle The Patient Appointment Cancellations

The healthcare industry is built around its patients. This is why patient appointments are crucial for medical or dental practices

Patient Engagement role-of-practice-managers-in-improving-patient-centered-engagement

Role of Practice Managers in Improving Patient Centered Engagement

Engagement of the customers or rather the lack of it is a primary concern for every business. The healthcare industry, which is primarily a business albeit a crucial one also needs to keep the patients at the center of the business because it is the patients to whom the industry caters.Patient centered care is something

AI in Healthcare role-of-practice-managers-in-improving-patient-centered-engagement

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The advancement of technologies is not new, but the development that the technological advancements are seeing each day is earlier. No one sector today is devoid of the technological advancements that are touching every industry today, which includes the industry of healthcare services.

Role of Big Data role-of-practice-managers-in-improving-patient-centered-engagement

Role of big data in healthcare industry

We are living in the world of data, where data drives us, individuals, our works, our companies, and everything else.

Manage Patient role-of-practice-managers-in-improving-patient-centered-engagement

Strategies to manage high patient volume at your office

As far as the recent report goes, the hospitals and practices are to anticipate a 4% higher patient volume compared to what they saw in the previous year.
Patient volume in healthcare plays an important role in the growth of the healthcare industry.

Successful Strategies role-of-practice-managers-in-improving-patient-centered-engagement

Successful strategies to identify and close the gap in patient care system

To care for the patients in the best way possible is the ultimate aim of the healthcare industry. This is why both medical and dental practices strive to extend person centered care and look for patient satisfaction over everything else.

do's and dont's the-do-and-dont-in-the-medical-office-management

The do's and dont's in the medical office management

We love to hit an office, and we are rather propelled to rush to our nearest medical office in case of ailments and emergencies.

Improve Efficiency proven-ways-to-improve-your-medical-dental-office-efficiency

Proven ways to improve your medical/dental office efficiency

We are living in an era dominated by industries.

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