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"A private practice gained a 45% increase in revenue because of automating billing."
"A Urology private practice reported that it saved 48% of its staff's time and eliminated manual payment follow-ups to insurance providers and patients."
"A Neurology private practice reported that 56% of its patients felt that paying by text is super easy to make payments."

Maintain Patient Privacy

The American Journal of Managed Care found that 65 percent of data breaches were through paper and film-based records. Paper-based records are vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Maintaining patient payment-related information online helps you to keep the patient's privacy and get payments done instantly.

Streamlined Medical Billing

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) said that the healthcare industry could save $9.8 billion annually with automation.

Collect patient payments automatically that eliminates time-consuming manual payment follow-ups and much more. Streamlined medical billing can save you time and money.

Eliminate Human Error

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), coding errors resulted in $28.91 billion in improper payments in 2019. Automated billing and payments help you to eliminate human error.

Increase Practice Revenue

An AMA survey states that 86% of physicians felt that payment due collection is extremely a burden for them. Contacting insurance providers and claiming it is one of the top concerns that's affecting medical practice revenue growth.

Upgrade to automated payments and have a stress-free patient payment collection at your practice.

Increase Transparency

Nearly 50% of the insured Americans reported that they were always or sometimes confused by the medical bills and not getting the exact billing. Automatic payment collection can let your patients know the exact cost for each service.

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"We love patients being able to complete their registration process online, including the upload of identification and insurance cards and charge card information for co-pays and outstanding balance."

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