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"A private practice increased their staff's productivity by 40% with online forms."
"A medical practice reported that 60% of their customers felt online forms are easy and effective to use."
"A private practice increased their number of appointments from 20 to 28 per day."

Remote Check-in is quite easy now

Safeguard from Infections

Our COVID-19 prescreening tool helps you to check your patients before their appointments to make sure that they are free from COVID-19 infections. We help you to protect you and your staff from the deadly disease.

Use Anywhere Anytime Any device

Only 51% of the patients prefer a doctor who lets them fill in remotely and let them enter your medical office exactly at the time of their appointment.

Offer the comfort zone to your patients by allowing them to do their intake process online anytime.

Contactless Check-In

With GrowPractice, you can do the patient check-ins remotely and let them enter your medical office exactly at the time of their appointments.

Eliminate the time-consuming administrative tasks and have stress-free practice management.

Eliminate Long Patient Queues

Patients have to wait in the never-ending queue to have a doctor's appointment. Let your patients complete their intake/registration procedures online.

Patient data will be automatically updated into the EHR. So, your patient can have an easy and quick doctor visit within 5 to 10 mins.

Streamline Your Patient Journey

You can manage your medical office workflow via the dashboard. Streamline your patient flow and monitor the patient journey for quick patient visits.

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"My clients have expressed how easy it was to access the forms via phone and how professional the process was for them, which really is what matters most to me. Thank you, GrowPractice!"

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