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Social Determinants what-are-the-social-determinants-of-health

What are the social determinants of health?

"Health is wealth", goes the common adage, but it is the health that is enduring much since time immemorial. Our health has always been vulnerable to countless diseases and discomfort

Independent Medical Practices the-future-of-independent-medical-practices

The future of independent medical practices

Medical practice is the term that refers to today's medical facilities that house experienced doctors and medical staff, cutting-edge testing and medical equipment, and more.

Increase Patient Retention patient-relationship-building-strategies-to-increase-your-patient-retention

Patient relationship building strategies to increase your patient retention!

Relationships play an important in our daily lives. The bonding that exists between one person and another can literally move mountains, and thankfully

Mistakes that Provider Do 10-biggest-online-reputation-mistakes-that-every-provider-do

10 biggest online reputation mistakes that every provider do

Reputation is one of the biggest things that humans earn or aim for in their lives. Whether one is from the academics sector, an IT professional, a CEO of a construction firm, or a person from a healthcare background, everyone has a keen insight into their reputation.

Support Your Staff how-to-support-your-staffs-through-times-of-uncertainty

How to support your staff through times of uncertainty?

We are breathing in the most uncertain times in history. Months after we have battled the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic, the shadows of which still linger though, the modern industries are still reeling today.

Guide to Patient Access step-by-step-guide-to-patient-access-system

A step-by-step guide to patient access system

Patients are central to the healthcare industry. Today, unlike what we have seen earlier, the patients are surrounded by world-class facilities and cutting-edge technologies, with the help of which, they can now access the best patient care available at an arm's length.

Brand Advocates how-to-turn-your-happy-patients-into-your-brand-advocates

How to turn your happy patients into your brand advocates?

"A proper service is worth a thousand referrals". In the world we live now, people crave decent services, but unfortunately, only some can manage to get them. Yes, we are surrounded by brands but only a countable few of them provide the service that the customers pay for and deserve.

Appointment Reminder checklist-for-choosing-patient-appointment-reminder-vendor

Checklist for choosing patient appointment reminder vendor

With the fast lives that we all are living, most of us hardly remember to perform our daily list of activities, speak to our loved ones, let alone do something outside our daily routine.

Best Practices best-practices-for-medical-front-office

Best practices for medical front office

The front desk or the front office of all offices, or workplaces plays a crucial role in furthering the office. This is not limited to a particular industry. We have the front office in almost all industries across the globe.

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