Importance Of Monitoring Patients Throughout Their Journey

Our health is the most precious asset that we have with us. With good health, we can steadily pursue our dream life but without it, things are gloomy and depressing. This is why people need to care for their mental and physical health and well-being and to do that efficiently we have hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, and medical practices that surround us.

The healthcare industry is a thriving industry that is growing with each passing day and is helping millions and billions of people to alleviate their health-related issues. The medical sector has been dubbed as the most growing sector in the United States when compared to the other industries. Not only in the US, but the healthcare industry has also been quite booming even in all the other parts of the world. The global healthcare industry has last been estimated in 2021 to be growing by 7%.

The healthcare industry has been growing since its inception and has undoubtedly grown really fast over the past few decades but along with it, health-related problems have also shot up. Patients don't really complain of one thing now but are troubled with many significant, sometimes chronic, problems that are affecting both their physical health and mental peace. Patient monitoring is thus, an indispensable thing that the patients and practices can opt for today.


Patient monitoring is a boon for the patients!

Monitoring patients duly helps them a lot. Regular monitoring of health spares people from facing the worst of consequences later. Human diseases are of numberless kinds but unfortunately, all of them are equally painful and depressing to bear with. However, alleviating the diseases is the sole aim of the healthcare industry and the medical practices that surround us, which is a majority of them they aim to do, reinforced with the new age technologies.

Earlier when it was only hospitals, the patients were always in dire need of more such care-oriented organizations, but now with the growth of healthcare units and practices, healthcare is to be found at an arm's length. Besides, the patients can also monitor their own health records and how they are faring or how healthy or fit they are.

This is now possible with the development of efficient EHR and patient monitoring systems that patients can use to monitor their health or can ask their healthcare provider to do so.

Patient monitoring is certainly a boon for patients today. Here are some of the many benefits that effective patient monitoring offers the patients:

Patient monitoring keeps patients healthy and fit

As an obvious benefit of effective patient monitoring systems, it is to be said that regular monitoring of the patients' health keeps them informed and updated about their health conditions, thereby keeping them fit and healthy. Furthermore, with the smart EHR software that GrowPractice brings to the practices, monitoring patients' health records is really easy and hassle-free.

Saves the patients' time

Time is priceless really and it is the same for us and everybody around us, even the patients. This is why the patients can simply not compromise their time. Optimum usage of time helps us attain our goals in their deputed times and gives us fewer worries. Recent data reveals that around 33% of the physicians in the US spend 17-24 minutes with their patients. Yes, the patients themselves are partly responsible for losing their precious hours.

This can be essentially curtailed with the help of effective patient monitoring all around the year. Yes, if the patients are monitored throughout the year and not on one time basis, then they would be aware of their clinical condition. Moreover, the healthcare provider or the physician with whom the patients are in touch would also be informed about the patients' health conditions, thereby proceeding with the diagnosis right away and without wasting much of their time.

Spares them the tension and worries

Health issues never creep up all of a sudden unless it is an accident or an emergency. They usually take time to germinate and when detected, they almost always become something challenging to deal with. However, this growth of the disease or a particular health issue can easily be cut short and the disease can be nipped while in the bud easily with the help of a stringent patient monitoring process. This will help the patients stay at ease with their health conditions and not drown in despair all of a sudden on learning about their ailment.

Helps plan healthcare

Overcoming a major health issue often becomes a challenge not only for the physicians but for the patients as well because they are the ones who need to deal with their own health conditions, mental pressures, and financial burdens. Getting over a major health issue brings with it a range of worries and requires mental peace and financial planning, checking claims, and more. All these are too difficult to be done in hurries.

Therefore, if the patient is alert about the impending operation or treatment that they need to carry out, then opting for proper healthcare becomes more than easy with the least amount of mistakes and hassles. Here, the remote patient monitoring process that most of the practices are equipped with today, is what truly comes in handy.

Doesn't hamper life

Healthcare and rather the lack of it at proper intervals of time brings forth numerous tensions and worries of increasingly high magnitude than if the patients get appropriate healthcare at the right time. The latter helps the patients deal with their health issues without losing their peace of mind and ultimately sacrificing all the other brighter aspects of life. Dealing with even the critical problems concerning health is always great if they are learned about in the initial phases, and to make this possible we now have EHR and other smart health monitoring systems that GrowPractice brings to the patients through the practices of today.

The emergence of remote patient monitoring and patient automation and how it is changing the healthcare industry!

Given the many benefits that patient monitoring offers for the patients, it is a practice that is here for the good of the patients as well as the clinics and medical units that have adopted it. Patient monitoring of today is fostered with the advanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) software and health monitoring systems.

Much like all the other processes in most of the prominent industries, the patient monitoring system is also remotely done. This way opting for the much-needed monitoring process for patients has been less than a hassle. Besides, coming from trusted medical office software providers like GrowPratice, such systems are more than effective, powered by the latest technologies of the age.

According to a recent survey from Insider Intelligence, we have discovered that over 23.4 million patients in the US are using remote patient monitoring services and tools when it was last checked in 2020. Remote patient management or remote patient monitoring is thus becoming hugely popular in the modern world of healthcare.

Furthermore, a part of the same survey revealed that the remote patient monitoring services and tools would be reaching over 30 million US patients by the year 2024, as conducted by the same organization. This clearly points out the massive potential for growth that the industry has for remote systems for patient monitoring.

The advancement of technology has brought in a radical change also in the healthcare industry as it has done so in the case of the other prominent industries of today. The new-age technologies have changed the diagnostic process, patient appointment bookings, patient check-ins, monitoring practice performance and growth, patient followups and feedback, and more. It has also given rise to patient automation, which has been changing things back at the medical units and practices for good.

The digital age calls for faster and more effective work at a pace that matches the age's demands and automation is one of the most popular along with the advancing technologies that fulfill this need for speed.

Here's how patient automation helps the practices improve healthcare, enhance practice revenues and grow:

Patient appointments

Being the very first step to be taken by the patients, patient appointment bookings are extremely crucial for the patients. The booking of patients was earlier done via telephones or in a physical meeting at the hospital or healthcare unit. However, worries have significantly reduced now for the patients and the healthcare service provider with the easy and efficient bookings of patient appointments via smart online medical office software and patient portals.

Besides, most of such bookings can also be done by the patients online. Furthermore, they can also reschedule or cancel such appointments anytime now. This rescheduling or canceling appointments almost always has required reiterating the whole process but with the smart automatic systems that GrowPractice provides practices, it is auto-filled, thereby saving time and reducing the hassles by half.

Patient intake

Patient intake is one of the lengthiest of processes for the patients in a healthcare unit. The intake process can simply be referred to as the process of registration for the patients, where they need to speak and document their personal data along with their health records, including their illnesses.

Here, as a result of all the information that the practices need to process in this particular process, patient intakes usually take time, but it won't be so anymore because of GrowPractice's premium online intake forms that are paperless and are automatically entered according to the patient's previous or updated health records. Furthermore, the Growpractice software and systems are advanced, easy, and trusted all around the world for their multi-layered security and HIPAA compliance.

Patient check-in process

The patient check-in process comes right next to the patient intake and is surely one of the most popular processes in healthcare practice. Here the patients are checked-in after they arrive at a medical facility. The patient check-in process is another lengthy process that might be painfully boring for the patients and the medical staff alike and even have the possibility of draining both of them out completely.

However, GrowPractice promises a breakthrough in this step too with their smart and innovative medical office management software and patient management tools that would streamline the office management tasks.

Communication with the patients

An improved patient communication results in much more benefits it apparently seems to offer. Being transparent with the patients has been resulted in boosting patient satisfaction by 90%. Transparency has always been regarded as fundamental in businesses including the healthcare industry. Implementing transparency in healthcare improves the patient experience, enhances loyalty or credibility of the practice, and boosts the overall care provided to the patients.

Though most of the practices have already understood how effective proper patient communication can be, many of them are still ignorant of the wonders it can bring. Therefore, it is essential for the healthcare practices of today to implement proper ways of communication with the patients. Eliminating the communication gap with the patients has become further easy with GrowPractice, which enables patients to reach their medical care providers any time during the day or night.

Furthermore, it also helps the patients type in whatever they want to inform the medical facility and its management with the innovative two-way texting process that is safeguarded by the HIPAA guidelines and empowers the patients to the fullest!

The HIPAA-compliant two-way communication from Growpractice minimizes the communication gap and has proven to increase the patient satisfaction rating by 97% along with increasing the patient retention rates by 48%.

All of these will definitely prove to be a massive boon for your healthcare unit or practice that you own, manage, or are presently associated with. Thus, along with hiring experienced doctors, physicians, nurses, and medical workers, a present medical practice shall also bear in mind the technologies that are used in the medical care facility and what can be added to smoothen the workflow, streamline patients journey, reduce costs and improve revenues.

According to the recent discovery, more than 25% of the patients prefer to switch to a new physician or healthcare provider that has access to telehealth. This quickly helps us have a glimpse into the fact how the patients are also informed and updated today with the latest innovations.

Here, remote patient monitoring is highly gaining traction because such monitoring of patients' health and wellbeing proves extremely beneficial for them and would save much of the horrors that they might have to face otherwise in the future. The latest MSI International survey conducted in June 2021 revealed that around 80% of Americans are opting or willing to opt for remote patient monitoring, and more than half of the medical providers are looking to incorporate it into medical care.

This change in information and the advancement of the healthcare industry is driven by technology and to make the industry thrive in the long run and not without evidence. Yes, patient satisfaction is highly influenced by the implementation of patient monitoring systems. The patient satisfaction scores have successfully crossed even the 90% mark for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center because they empowered the patients with remote patient health monitoring systems!

GrowPratice extends efficient patient automation, improved patient health monitoring systems, and more!

Automation is the buzzword of the age we are living in today and your practice simply cannot stay aloof from it. You need to just embrace the best patient automation tools and medical office software offered by GrowPractice to limit your hassles to a minimum and manage your patients and your practice efficiently.

Along with automating the fundamental processes of a medical office, the patient monitoring system is another such aspect that GrowPractice is improving each day. Adequate patient monitoring and automation process have combined to:

  • Reduce 89% of the patient no-shows
  • Significantly reduced the usage of paper
  • Cut short the medical staff time by 75%
  • Added more than $60,000+ more revenue per provider
  • Increased the collection rates by 20%

  • Along with all of these benefits, you would also be extremely happy associated with a medical practice that truly cares for the patients and is genuine and compliant and GrowPractice makes all of these possible. So, check out GrowPractice now and expand your practice, while maximizing your practice revenues!

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