Smart Scheduling for COVID-19 realities

Do you know how much revenue you are losing?

You are losing patients (and thousands of dollars) to other nearby practices simply because a lot of patients are booking outside of your office/staff hours (and theirs).

Don't be limited by
your staff hours

Let patients schedule an appointment with you 24/7 - even outside of your staff hours.

Don't waste your marketing spend

Why spend all that money on Social Media, SEO, and Ads to bring patients to your website, but not enable them to easily make appointments with you?

Keep You Fully Booked

Let our system automatically fill your cancellations and reschedules.

Let your online presence work for you 24/7

How many new patients are you getting per month?

How many existing patients are you losing per month?

As soon as you close your practice, you are shutting your door for new patients until your practice is open the next day. But, that down time is when your patients have their free time to look up for physicians and dentists.

Let us help your practice to stay open 24/7 online for appointments. This would not only help bring in new patients but also give the best patient experience for existing patients as they don't need to call your office and waste 10-20 mins of their busy time.


Now imagine this

Something automatically sends an SMS and email to your patients with a link to do prescreening of COVID-19. If the tool identifies the patient as safe to visit, he/she gets to click on a button to check-in. When his/her turn comes, a message automatically pops in asking for the patient to step in.
Does that sound like a win-win? Great, you've come to the right place.

Things you should do

  • Provide easy appointment scheduling as part of your website (not the boring "contact us form" version!)
  • Provide some real-time available slots
  • Automatically send SMS and Email reminders to patients so they remember and keep up with their upcoming appointment.
  • Automatically fill cancellations
  • Keep your schedule full by staying open 24/7 online
  • Stop worrying if you will have more patients.

Things your patients can do

  • Pick a time slot on their own at their own convenience
  • Pick a time that's really more convenient for them
  • Get SMS reminder along with GPS navigation for driving directions


Keep your staff and patients safe

Give your staff and patients the piece of mind they are really looking for. Show them that you care about their safety.

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