Streamline your patient flow during office hours

Remote Check-in for your patients

Your waiting room is never going to be the same as what it was before COVID-19. Practice social distancing by giving your patients the means to self check-in remotely and wait from the safety of their cars or homes until you ask them to come over.

No-Contact Patient Check-in

Give your patients and staff maximum safety with planned visits, remote sign-in and automated patient queuing. No paper sign-in sheets or calling patients to come over.

Virtual Waiting Room

Eliminate your waiting room usage. Why make patients wait by your front desk if they can wait in their car or elsewhere to maintain social distancing?

Steam'line' with Messages

Fast and automatic SMS notification can substitute the manual efforts to coordinate a patient entry. Once checked in, patients start receiving SMS notifications alerting them of their current queue status.

Contactless Check-in and Patient Flow

No-Kiosk, No-iPads, No clipboards
....unless you want to waste your staff hours with disinfecting these "touchables" after each and every usage!
And, do you have enough wipes, by the way? (not to forget, the seatings as well!)


Now imagine this

Something automatically sends an SMS and email to your patients with a link to do prescreening of COVID-19. If the tool identifies the patient as safe to visit, he/she gets to click on a button to check-in. When his/her turn comes, a message automatically pops in asking for the patient to step in.
Does that sound like a win-win? Great, you've come to the right place.

Things you should do

  • Avoid cross-contamination from patients to your staff by eliminating clipboards, ipads, and kiosk (they wont have a place with the "new business normal")
  • Automate the pre-screening to lower your chances of bringing in an infected patient.
  • Eliminate sign-in sheet with remote sign-in and queuing
  • Offer an efficient and safe virtual queue during pandemic
  • No wiping ipads or kiosks after every check-in!
  • Reduce the backlog of waiting patients.

Things your patients can do

  • Easily fill a quick prescreening rather than answering a bunch of questions verbally and wasting more time
  • Wait where they are comfortable with.
  • Communicate with the practice via two-way messaging if required
  • Get automatically notified a few minutes before to step in.


Keep your staff and patients safe

Give your staff and patients the piece of mind they are really looking for. Show them that you care about their safety.

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