Request and/or Collect payments anytime
with just a click of a button

Online payments and secure card-on-file

Make payment convenient (And collect more)

Make it easy for patients to pay you by sending payment reminders via text/email for prompt payments.

Collect More Dues - Eliminate Collection Costs

Simply use our financial consent with our secure credit-card-on-file feature to ensure you get paid (and on time).

Receive co-pays immediately (before patients step in)

No need to touch credit cards when your patients can quickly and easily pay online from their home or car.

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Are you still asking for credit card numbers
over phone calls?!

Patients expect a simple and secure way to make payment for their appointments during this pandemic. Simplify collection of payments with the click of a text message.



84% of consumers pay their non-healthcare bills online. Your patients may already be paying most of their bills online, so why not give them the option to do the same with their healthcare bills?

About 75% of providers say that it typically takes at least one month to collect payments from patients, of which more than 10% of patients take over three months to pay.

In 2021, even with decent health insurance coverage, patients have the onus of paying more towards their medical costs due to high-deductible plans.

Many practices repeatedly bill patients and follow up to collect payment due. This administrative work could be eliminated when you have a proper financial consent and credit card on file. It gives you assurance that the payments would come through on time either from patients or via their authorization. It also repurposes your staff time for other things.


  • Automatically text and email patients their payment due
  • No login or password needed from patients to pay. Funds automatically deposited into your bank account.
  • Text to Pay - Increase your statement collection
  • Reduce paper mailings and costs by sending patients their balances through email and text
  • 24/7 - Give your patients the ability to pay the way they pay for their online shopping