Collect payments anytime without any contact

(via SMS/Email)

No touching credit cards!

Your waiting room is never going to be the same as what it was before COVID-19.

Receive co-pays immediately (without exchanging cards)

No need to touch credit cards when your patients can easily pay online. The low-touch or no-touch is the way to go.

Make payment convenient (And collect more)

Accept online payments from phone while waiting in car, and send payment reminders via SMS/Email for prompt payments. Sends payments securely to your account.

Collect More Dues - Eliminate Waiting Room Usage

Why make patients wait by your front desk when they can easily make payments from their car or home?

No-touch or low-touch policy

Patients expect safety and simplicity while making payment for their appointments. Simplify collection of payments with the click of a text message.


Now imagine this

Something automatically sends an SMS and email to your patients with a link to do prescreening of COVID-19. If the tool identifies the patient as safe to visit, he/she gets to click on a button to check-in. When his/her turn comes, a message automatically pops in asking for the patient to step in.
Does that sound like a win-win? Great, you've come to the right place.

Benefits you get from us

  • Automatically text and email patients their payment due
  • No login or password needed from patients to pay. Funds automatically deposited into your bank account.
  • Text to Pay - Increase your statement collection
  • Reduce paper mailings and costs by sending patients their balances through email and text
  • No cleaning and disinfecting credit cards back-and-forth
  • 24/7 - Give your patients the ability to pay the way they pay for their online shopping

Things your patients can do

  • Pick a time slot on their own at their own convenience
  • Pick a time that's really more convenient for them
  • Get SMS reminder along with GPS navigation for driving directions


Keep your staff and patients safe

Give your staff and patients the piece of mind they are really looking for. Show them that you care about their safety.

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