No-Contact HIPAA Forms (Fill-Anywhere)

Why is this so important now?

Your waiting room is never going to be the same as what it was before COVID-19, even going into 2021.

Avoid Direct and Indirect Contact

Is your staff game for wiping and disinfecting the clipboards, pens, papers!, ipads, or kiosks after each and every usage? Why put them at risk? Why spend their salary for this when they could do better things?

Eliminate Waiting Room Usage

Why make your patients wait 15-20 minutes to fill your intake and consent forms during appointment time? Let them fill the forms stress-free at the comfort of their home before they even step in.

Get Forms Signed & Submitted (before visit)

Be efficient and ready for your patients with all their "paper-less-work" and insurance verification done before they arrive. All required fields and validations are done as part of form filling.

Eliminate in-office clipboards, iPads, and kiosks

....unless you want to waste your staff hours with disinfecting these "touchables" after each and every usage!
And, do you have enough wipes, by the way?


Now imagine this

Something automatically sends an SMS and email to your patients with a link to fill all your required forms that they can fill any time they want, any where they want, on any device BEFORE the appointment.
Does that sound like a win-win? Great, you've come to the right place.

Things you should do

  • Avoid cross-contamination from patients to your staff by eliminating clipboards, ipads, and kiosk (they wont have a place with the "new business normal")
  • Eliminate time-consuming mundane tasks like printing, scanning and shredding paper documents and save your staff hours for something more productive.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary printing ink and toner costs, and keep our environment green.
  • Avoid data entry as we can sync data in real-time with many EHR or PMS software
  • Easily review submitted forms and follow up on the patients that havent submitted yet.
  • No trying to interpret illegible handwritings. Get pre-validated and complete data instead.

Things your patients can do

  • Easily sign HIPAA and financial consent forms electronically
  • Take a photo of their drivers license and insurance card and attach it directly to their online intake/registration form.
  • Pick a language for the form they are comfortable with (English or Spanish).
  • No login to a hardly-or-never used patient portal.
  • No apps to install. Simple click and go.


Keep your staff and patients safe

Give your staff and patients the piece of mind they are really looking for. Show them that you care about their safety.

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